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Black and white with wood interior design



Private Office

Office Project

In this corporate office project, our design philosophy is all about efficiency and professionalism. Picture a space that’s sleek, minimalist, and purposeful – every desk, chair, and fixture meticulously chosen to enhance productivity and foster a focused work environment. With clean lines, neutral tones, and strategic lighting, we're creating a space that feels both inviting and conducive to getting things done. From the ergonomic seating to the streamlined storage solutions, every aspect of the design serves to optimize functionality without sacrificing style. Our goal? To craft a workspace where employees feel inspired, empowered, and ready to tackle whatever the workday brings.



B.A.S. Nail Salon

Salon Project

In this chic salon project, we're stripping away the excess to focus on what truly matters: creating a space that speaks volumes with its simplicity. Every corner is thoughtfully designed for both style and functionality, ensuring that the ambiance is as practical as it is captivating.


Dental Academy

Academy Project
Riyadh, Al-Kaleej

A design inspired by the smooth, unfamiliar atmosphere, far from traditional designs, reflecting a professional look for the academy.

  In this project, our design strategy is to use the three main elements of color, harmony, and fluidity as the main design driver, add vibrant red/blue color in some areas and details, and design that fits the brand's look and trainees' needs.

 With the design of all elements and attention to detail to enhance the conceptual and physical coherence of the idea.



Dental Clinic

Clinic Project
Riyadh, Al-Kaleej

In this project, we search for smooth atmosphere yet unfamiliar/ funny twist that move away from the clichés of a traditional dental clinic. the design will take into account the values of medical professionalism.


Oasis Lounge

Cafe Project
Riyadh, Al-Malga District


This lounge boasts a modern oasis-inspired interior design featuring a soothing monochromatic color scheme, sleek clean lines, minimalistic furnishings, organic materials and ample natural light. The space is designed to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility, drawing inspiration from nature's lush landscapes. The use of light-colored natural materials like bamboo and stone, combined with the soft glow of natural light, creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation. The simplicity of the design allows for an uncluttered, yet sophisticated space that is both functional and visually stunning.



Woody Cafe

Cafe Project

This project tells a story of the harmony between the craft and coffee making to enjoy the natural elements & emptiness calm.


Minimal Workspace

Studio Project

Riyadh, Al-Malga District


When you need a work area to inspire the team, you got simple and minimal details designed with a touch of beauty.

08 PNG_edited.jpg


Indian Restaurant

Restaurant Project
Riyadh, Al-Malga District

Design inspired by the mountains of light.

A luxury design that shines the light on the authenticity and simplicity of Indian culture, resembling a priceless diamond crowning the top of a mountain with all its glory, breaking down the sunlight into dim and soft rays, gently illuminating its surroundings .

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